PEAR Sports, Mio Global combine coaching platform with wearable tech

Pear Sports and Mio Global will work together to deliver comprehensive health information and recommendations to their users.
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PEAR Sports and Mio Global have joined forces to help improve their fitness technology. PEAR’s personal training app will now work with Mio’s wrist-based heart rate monitoring band to help athletes at every level train more effectively.

The PEAR Sports app can now be synced with Mio’s FUSE band via Bluetooth and will allow users the ability to understand their workout progress. The PEAR Sports app provides users with real-time audio training updates and the Mio Fuse monitors a user’s heart rate.

Mio FUSE aims to provide accurate heart-rate monitoring and therefore have the wearable device help users train within the proper heart rate zone. As a result, PEAR Sports is now able to tap into this vital data, to help improve their real-time personal training programs.

Liz Dickinson, the CEO of Mio Global, is very excited about what the two fitness companies can do together. “More than steps counted or calories burned, your heart is the most accurate indicator of your fitness,” she said in a statement, “so we’re very excited to partner with PEAR Sports’ innovative coaching platform that uses heart rate as a key performance indicator.”

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With this partnership the two companies are bundling their services. Mio FUSE + PEAR Fitness is currently available on Amazon as well as on Mio Global’s website. The $99 package includes a FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep + Activity Tracker and three free months of unlimited PEAR coaching.

Separately, a Mio FUSE costs $99 and a 12-month PEAR membership costs $29.95.

PEAR Sports is designed to act as a user’s virtual personal trainer by providing personalized training regiments based on in-the-moment results. They offer over 500 different workout programs. Their app provides real-time audio workout advice from a range of highly regarded experts, from a wide range of personal fitness fields.

Mio Global specializes in waterproof wrist-based wearables that monitor a user’s heart rate. The Mio FUSE is one of their most popular products. The goal of the monitors is to help the user work within specific heart rate zones. Learning to train based on these zones allows a user to reach goals more quickly, and train smarter.

We recently covered Mio Global when they partnered with another athlete monitoring company, FieldWiz. FieldWiz specializes in player tracking and monitoring for team sports. The goal of the partnership is to incorporate Mio’s excellent heart-rate monitoring systems in order to provide a more comprehensive understanding of overall team fitness.

PEAR Sports also teamed up with Samsung recently to optimize their app for Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch. In October PEAR Sports and Mio FUSE will begin to help improve a personalized weight management program.

Both companies have been branching out within the fitness tech community to help make their brands better and even more versatile for their consumers. The partnership between PEAR Sports and Mio Global seems poised to help provide athletes of all shapes and sizes an extremely comprehensive and fun way to train.