Sally Jenkins wrote books about both Lance Armstrong and Pat Summitt.
Alessandro Trovati/AP, Simon Bruty

Episode 67 of the Sports Illustrated Media podcast features Washington Post sports columnist Sally Jenkins.

By Richard Deitsch
July 20, 2016

Episode 67 of the Sports Illustrated Media podcast features Washington Post sports columnist Sally Jenkins.

In this episode, Jenkins talks about how she finds stories and what inspires her; what made Pat Summitt such an interesting person; what it was like spending time with Summitt before she passed; writing for an audience in D.C. that includes generals, spies and Congresspeople; why she opted not to work on television; her relationship with Lance Armstrong and how she feels about Armstrong’s lies; interviewing with Joe Paterno and the legacy of the former Penn State coach; whether she is optimistic women will find jobs as sports columnists heading forward; advice from her father, the legendary writer Dan Jenkins; and much more.

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