The SOLOSHOT3, the third Generation Robot Cameraman, makes it easier than ever for athletes to achieve quality recordings of th​

By S. Garrett Shaw
July 28, 2016

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From the GoPro, to your personal iPhone and even a standard camera, recording your latest and greatest highlights or sporting moments have never been so simple. But achieving quality recordings of your athletic skills or activities is difficult. The SOLOSHOT3, the third Generation Robot Cameraman, wants to make this process more seamless.

I am sure you are wondering, how does this stack up against the GoPros of the world? Well, can your GoPro automatically track your movements from up to 2,000 feet away? SOLOSHOT3 can, and it includes multiple features from Auto Film to its newest capability, Auto Editing.

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So lets get down to it—tracking your movements. After attaching the 1.4 oz, water and shockproof, SOLOSHOT Tag to your arm, the SOLOSHOT Base will pan, tilt and zoom with your every movement by tracking the Tag. The base features a built-in touch screen, WiFi capability and SOLOSHOTedit, which automatically gathers and edits recorded video highlights. The base’s battery life hits 3.5 hours and operates on a strong motor that can pan 120 degrees in one second.

The SOLOSHOT is the tech version of the OneSole interchangeable shoe brand in terms of its OpticX Cameras. The Easy Click & Go capability between the two Optic Cameras (Optic65 & Optic 25) is a lot like the concept of switching out different shoe types in the blink of an eye. The Optic65 shoots in 1080p120 and 4k30 resolution, has a 65x zoom range and includes three specialty modes (12MP photo bursts, Motion Time Lapse and Astro Photography). The Optic25 provides the same specialty modes, and shoots using a 25x optical zoom lens at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

So what if you want to track multiple people and shoot from multiple angles? Director Mode has it handled.

While in automatic multimode, the Base can be directed on which Tag to follow whether it is the fastest, closest, an average point of the Tags, or the Tag that calls out to the Base via button press. The Tags also all have their own personalized SOLOSHOTaccount so highlights will not be mixed up.

With the SOLOSHOT edit tool and the help of some crazy talented engineers, algorithms for your various activities automatically detect the best clips from your recorded session and edit your footage. If you do not like what SOLOSHOT has selected, you can just say "no" when going over the clips and they will no longer be selected. You can access your clips over a desktop or mobile device, and if you really do not like this feature, you can turn it off all together. But I mean come on, its the 21st century, we like simplicity.

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SOLOSHOT footage can be uploaded through the SOLOSHOTcloud which operates much like iCloud does with Apple devices. The cloud is that “hard drive in the sky,” which SOLOSHOT3 uses to automatically upload your content. The SOLOSHOTapp also gives users the capability to Live Stream their footage, but you do have to be connected to your phone’s mobile hotspot or a WiFi/MiFi hotspot with connectivity to the internet.

SOLOSHOT3 could be the next big thing in the sporting world in terms of capturing all the swift in-game movements. From surfing, to volleyball and on the sideline in football, the capabilities are there to record sporting videos at a much higher and more efficient level. All of these features place the SOLOSHOT3 in good company in terms of motion tracking camera shooting. Whether its tracking capability, hands-free design, or the automatically edited footage, SOLOSHOT has you covered and will never take its eye off you.

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