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If you're a golfer who has trouble seeing the slopes and curves of the green, this new training system is right for you.

By Allasyn Lieneck
August 10, 2016

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When watching or playing a round of golf, it is sometimes hard to understand why putting can be so difficult. All you need to do is tap the ball across a smooth green, right? Well, what people can usually struggle to see are the ever so slight inclines and slopes that can curve the ball a good distance away from the hole.

To assist golfers in learning how to “putt like a pro,” Dmitriy Advolodkin, a longtime golfer, created the DT Smart Putting Training Aid.

“When I went to read up on how to improve my putting, I realized there was really no affordable tool out there that was really helpful,” he said in a statement. “That led me to create the first prototype of the DT putter, which worked really well. Now, I can read the slopes really well without using the training aid, which is something I believe most golfers will discover after practicing their putting with it.”

The stainless steel putter features a built-in surface level to help you measure the slopes of the green and a premium grip.

The training aid raised more than $8,000 on its Kickstarter page and has since received feedback from numerous writers who were able to test the product. Advolodkin is expecting the product to be available in September.

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