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Match Analysis equips the Galazy with statistics from games, including a player's location data, speed and recovery rate.

By Allasyn Lieneck
August 18, 2016

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The LA Galaxy are expanding their partnership with Match Analysis, a California-based company that assists with the team’s performance analysis program.

Match Analysis has the technology that equips the LA Galaxy with statistics from games like a player’s location data, distance covered, speed, recovery rates, and much more (an example of this information is shown in the image above). “At the LA Galaxy we rely on the Match Analysis fitness reports and player tracking data to monitor the intensity and work load of our players throughout the season. This data is crucial for customizing our team and individual fitness requirements,” Ivan Pierra, director of the Galaxy’s sports science department, said in a statement.

The expanded partnership will give the team access to services like Mambo Studio, Tango ToGo and Tango Online. They will also be using the company’s K2 Panoramic Video Camera System, which provides a completed image of the entire field and gives the coaches and players a more in-depth view of the players themselves and the game.

The Galaxy have partnered with several other tech-driven companies like EXOS and SAS. EXOS focuses on the physical health and nutritional wellness of players while SAS produces analytics for numerous subjects like fan engagement and operations (on field and front office).

From players to staff to fans, the combination of Match Analysis, EXOS and SAS gives the Galaxy a wide breadth of insights into the entire operations of their organization.

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