BAMTech, created by MLB Advanced Media, expands to college sports streaming

College sports streaming is just the latest aggressive more for a streaming company that is only about a year old.
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BAMTech, a software development company created by MLB Advanced Media, was developed about a year ago and has already been making some big moves. A few weeks ago, Disney purchased a one-third share of BAMTech, which gives BAMTech the opportunity to provide video and digital content for Disney, ABC and ESPN. Now, the company will team up with Silver Chalice Ventures (SCV).

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SCV, a digital sports media company, will gain access to BAMTech’s technology infrastructure to use for their networks in the Atlantic Coast Conference Digital Network, Campus Insiders and 120 Sports. These networks include more than 3,000 live collegiate events in numerous conferences across the country.

“Silver Chalice has focused on building partnerships with rights holders, producing compelling content and delivering it to college sports fans where they want it, when they want it,” Silver Chalice Ventures CEO Brooks Boyer said in a statement. “Our networks are built to sit at the intersection of great content and powerful technology, providing our rights holders, partners, sponsors and viewers access to the best possible experiences. BAMTech has established itself as a global leader in distributing live and video on demand content across every platform. Having BAMTech as both an equity and technology partner creates innumerable new opportunities to explore and leverage rights in the ever-changing media landscape.”

This extension into college sports opens a plethora of new doors for BAMTech. Younger demographics have shifted from purchasing cable to finding ways to live stream just about anything online and through apps. Ever since the creation of BAMTech, the company has been expanding outside of baseball quite rapidly and it looks that they are looking to continue growing in every avenue possible.