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As part of its deal with MLB Advanced Media, the NHL is launching an app similar to baseball's popular Ballpark app.

By Mark J. Burns
October 03, 2016

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This week, the NHL is slated to launch a new mobile app called Arena that is modeled after the Ballpark app that Major League Baseball Advanced Media introduced in 2012, according to a report by ChicagoBusiness.com.

Last August, the NHL and MLB Advanced Media announced a six-year, $600 million partnership where MLBAM would control the digital assets of the NHL. In return, the NHL gained an estimated 7–10% stake in BAM Tech, the streaming technology provider for the WWE, HBO, NHL and MLB.

The Ballpark app, formerly known as At The Ballpark, initially provided fans a means for staying current on team news from around the league and updates on social media. Users can now upgrade seats, manage tickets and purchase food and beverage.

As one source told ChicagoBusiness.com, the new mobile app may not be used by all 30 NHL teams at once, but the league-wide app for fans could be used in any stadium, with it being more personalized to each individual team in the future.

With the announcement, there may be news on updates surrounding the NHL mobile app and NHL.tv in addition to the NHL games, which will stream live on Twitter as part of an earlier announcement in 2016.

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