For the second instance in six weeks, global sports e-commerce retailer Fanatics and ride-sharing app Uber joined forces.

By Mark J. Burns
November 04, 2016

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For the second instance in six weeks, global sports e-commerce retailer Fanatics and ride-sharing app Uber have joined forces to leverage both companies’ on-demand DNA.

This time the commercial partnership is around the Chicago Cubs winning its first World Series championship in 108 years. On Thursday Uber deployed close to 30 vehicles stocked with official Cubs championship T-shirts and hats, which were available for sale through the mobile app.

Fanatics CMO Chris Orton said that after the two companies partnered to deliver merchandise to Los Angeles Rams fans prior to the team’s home-opener in September, they wanted to collaborate again but around a much bigger sporting event. With both Chicago and Cleveland each hoping to end a long-standing championship drought, a World Series activation seemed like a perfect big-event opportunity.

“We knew from the first time we talked to Uber that it eventually would lead to second, third and fourth bites at the apple,” Orton added. “This has been a healthy partnership as we go back and forth with them. They’re eager and we’re eager. They’re sitting in the middle of this on-demand economy. We feel like that’s what we’re bringing to the table in sports too—the notion that you can get what you want, when you want it.”

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As part of the activation, former Chicago Cubs outfielder and local legend Andre Dawson assisted in some surprise and delight deliveries throughout Thursday morning.

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