Tony Romo knew exactly what the Raiders and Titans were doing before they did it. 

By Dan Gartland
September 11, 2017

By all accounts, Tony Romo’s debut as a broadcast was a rousing success. Nothing illustrates that better than this compilation of clips from Sunday’s broadcast. 

“We’ve got a free safety blitz off the edge.”

“I got five dollars this a run to the left.”

Romo spent most of Sunday’s Raiders-Titans game calling out what the teams were going to do before they did it. 

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How Did Tony Romo Do in His CBS Broadcast Debut?

Even though he’s replacing the widely derided Phil Simms on CBS’s top team, many people questioned how Romo would fare in his first foray into broadcasting. Thus far, it looks like his football smarts will prove much more valuable than any television training. 

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