Eddie Olczyk is going to be in the booth while battling cancer. 

By Dan Gartland
October 16, 2017

Just five weeks into a 24-week series of chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer, Eddie Olczyk will return to the broadcast booth. 

Olczyk, who was diagnosed with cancer in August, is slated to be on the call with Doc Emerick on NBCSN this Wednesday in St. Louis when the Blackhawks play the Blues. He also intends to be in the booth for the Hawks’ game at home against the Oilers the next night on Chicago’s local network, WGN. 

“We have some dates that we have highlighted and hopefully I will be strong enough to do the job,” Olczyk told USA Today. “If I am not feeling good, I just have to be honest with everyone and tell them I can’t do it.”

Olczyk had surgery a week after his diagnosis to remove part of his colon and began chemo in September. The chemo treatments last 48 hours and take days to recover from, so Olyczyk will not work in weeks he undergoes treatment. 

Olczyk is revered in Chicago, where he was born and later played five of his 15 NHL seasons. He began broadcasting Blackhawks games in 2006, after his short tenure as head coach of the Penguins. 

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