Naomi Osaka Clarifies Awkward 'Jennifer' Comment to Brady: 'I'm So Sorry'


Naomi Osaka took to Twitter late Saturday night to clarify an awkward interview where it appeared Osaka purposely referred to her opponent by the wrong name in an effort to embarrass her.

After Osaka defeated Jennifer Brady to claim her second Australian Open title, the 23-year-old winner attempted to properly congratulate her opponent for a good match. Osaka, while in the midst of an interview, asked Brady if she preferred Jenny or Jennifer when referencing her and when Brady responded with "Jenny," Osaka seemingly ignored her and still referred to her as Jennifer. 

Osaka tweeted an apology, saying she misheard Brady.

"I promise you my mind thought I called her Jenny in that moment and I was so confused why the crowd was laughing," Osaka tweeted. "I'm so sorry." 

Osaka won in two sets 6-4 6-3 to claim her fourth Grand Slam.