By Bryan Armen Graham
August 31, 2010

Arnaud Clement

Arnaud Clement battled sweltering heat throughout an upset of No. 16-seeded Marcos Baghdatis. (AP)

Temperatures in the mid-90s, suffocating humidity and boiling hard courts made for oppressive conditions throughout Tuesday's day session. Here's what a few of the survivors had to say about their day in the sun:

"Hot? Yeah, I mean, it was hot. Yes, it was. But I felt it mostly in the first set, you know, when you get used to it. But then I was fine. You just adapt and you play."

--Svetlana Kuznetzova

"It was so hot. I felt good in the first set. The second set, I felt like I died. The energy just faded."

--Li Na

"It was pretty hot. I don't really know exactly how many degrees, but obviously, you know, it's not easy to play in these kind of conditions. But all you have to do you have to just try your best."

--Jelena Jankovic

"It's part of the game. Some players like to play when it's hot. Like some players like to play indoor, on clay, on grass. Some players play better than others physically, so I think it's good for the game to have different conditions to play. If we are playing every time with on the same surface with the same balls, it's good for couple players but not for everybody. So I think it's part of the game completely."

--Arnaud Clement

"This is probably the hottest it's gonna be here. But from what we went through this summer, what John and I went through this summer in Atlanta, I mean, it's just not even I can't tell you. It's not even close. It's 50 degrees less, I'm telling you, and no humidity, so it just feels nice. [Laughing.] It just feels kind of hot."

--Mardy Fish

"Look, I've been in those situations before, played a lot of long matches in very difficult conditions, feeling very exhausted. You know, you kind of start panicking a little bit when you don't feel great physically. Then your opponent takes the advantage. And it's not easy. Definitely those moments are very challenging for an athlete. But I overcame it once again and this is what matters most to me."

--Novak Djokovic

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