By Bryan Armen Graham
September 04, 2010

The tournament continued. Seeds advanced. A news cycle passed. Some of New York finest who had the boxing skills, if not the class and eloquence, of J-Woww and Sammi, went at it in the upper reaches of Arthur Ashe Stadium. But what of Victoria Azarenka, who taken was off the Grandstand Court on a wheelchair on Wednesday? Fortunately it sounds like she’s fine. This from her agent, John Tobias:

“Victoria is still experiencing daily headaches. She returned home to Minsk, Belarus [Friday night]. The doctors say the headaches are normal following a concussion and should go away in a couple days. She is planning to take a full week off and then begin preparing for four tournaments (Tokyo, Beijing, Linz and Moscow) in the fall. Victoria still has an outside chance to qualify for the WTA Championships.

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