By Courtney Nguyen
August 25, 2011

Rafael Nadal stopped by Late Night with David Letterman to give lessons in geography, linguistics, and posing in your skivvies. The interview won't knock anyone's socks off, but there's a lot to be said about getting out of a talk show interview relatively unscathed. When in doubt, flash the perma-grin, Rafa. It charms us every time.

And speaking of linguistics, it's amazing how much Rafa's English has improved. I was shocked he was able to understand any of Letterman's motor-mouthed, compound, disjointed questions. Dave seemed unprepared, rushing through the interview to get it over with. It's a darn shame. I mean, if you have five minutes with Rafael Nadal, how do you not ask him about his love for Sweden's greatest export, ABBA? Or why he doesn't trust dogs because he "doubts their intentions"?  Or why he can't decide whether to keep his pants on or off?

The people have questions!  We demand answers! But the clip entertains nonetheless.

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