By Courtney Nguyen
August 30, 2011

A roundup of the best quotage from players on Day 1 of the U.S. Open.

• "Oh, my God, what a loser. I said that? Oh, my goodness, no way. I had a dream last night that Venus was pregnant."

-- Serena Williams, on her comment about showing her kids her accomplishments after beating sister Venus in 2002.

• "No, that's fine. I have been talking to Andy (Murray) many times, so I'm really kind of getting his accent. (Laughter.)"

-- Novak Djokovic after getting tripped up by a Scottish journalist's question.

• "There was an antique store open down the street, which I thought was probably the best day of their life because of everyone walking around. They never thought they were going to sell that old giraffe that's been there for a hundred years (laughter)."

--  Maria Sharapova on what she did while waiting out on Hurricane Irene.

• "I thought everyone was going to be supporting Maria... I had a lot of support. I heard some people calling me Cinderella, all sorts of stuff. And just when they were chanting my name, I kind of got the goosebumps."

-- Heather Watson, on playing Sharapova on Arthur Ashe Stadium.

• "I think that maybe all the slams are too equal.  I think they should feel very different to the Australian Open, and now I don't feel it really does. The night session just feels like you can take huge cuts at the ball, you can run everything down.  It's great for tennis, but I'm not sure if it's really what the game needs.  The game needs different, you know, speed at slams and so forth.  I don't feel we quite have that at the moment, you know, especially if the U.S. Open is getting slower."

-- Roger Federer, on the surface conditions.

• "Confidence, you know, comes with execution. So, I mean, to come out and win a first-round match, that helps a lot. Being in tight situations helps a lot. But the good part is that at least I have experience, and that helps with my confidence, that I know how to handle situations and scenarios. That gives me definitely more confidence than maybe someone with less experience."

-- Venus Williams, on her confidence level after beating Vsna Dolonts.

• "I think over the past few years a lot of matches on the big courts, and I'm really enjoying that atmosphere. I really like it. You know, sometimes when you have to play on a side court when nobody's watching, it's not fun anymore. You practice all day long and you want to go out there and play on a big stage."

-- Vera Zvonareva, on playing on the big NYC stage.

• "Well, one week I'm 92 kilos, 93; the other I'm 89. So it's weird. You know, it affects the way you play, the way you move on court. You can't be two, three kilos lighter than two weeks before. You're not going to be able to run. And then if you add three, four kilos you're a bit heavier and don't run as fast."

-- Bernard Tomic, on finding the right fitness balance.

• "I was four, and I walked through my parents' bedroom. I think they were watching Wimbledon or something, and I decided I wanted Venus' dress. They told me if I played tennis they'd buy me a tennis dress. I said, 'Alright, I'll try it.' I have been playing ever since... I think it just kinda shows how important outfits are."

-- Madison Keys, on how she started playing tennis.

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