By Courtney Nguyen
September 09, 2011

A roundup of the best quotage from players during Day 11 at the U.S. Open.

• "I just kept going through my shirts. At one point I counted in my bag and I only had two left and it was in the beginning of the third set or something."

-- John Isner, whose friend had to go to the Nike store during his four-set match against Gilles Simon to buy him more shirts and wristbands.

• "This is the fourth year in a row I think we're playing a Monday final. Might as well just make it a Monday final, right? Or you have to change up a few things. ... [T]he Super Saturday I just think is not feasible. In all the Grand Slams you do not really have that competitive advantage over another player, which I don't think should be the case here. I'm sure that there has been many finals played here where one player had a huge advantage, and I don't think that should be happening before such a huge match. You never have it that we have to play back‑to‑back best‑of‑five‑set matches, and only here before the final at the U.S. Open.  It just somehow doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me."

-- Roger Federer, on the U.S. Open schedule.

• "Well, I give half to my favorite uncle, and then the rest I probably save it hopefully. Pray that the banks don't go down."

-- Serena Williams, on what she'll do with the potential $2.8 million prize purse if she wins the title.

• "I didn't need this to define me. I didn't need a great result. I shouldn't have needed it to show you guys that I can play tennis."

-- Andy Roddick, on whether a successful run takes the edge off his subpar year.

• "I just don't understand why, if you don't have a roof on this Grand Slam, why you don't have covers on the court?"

-- Novak Djokovic, asking the same question many of us have been asking.

• "Actually, yes. I come here and my goal was to get into the second or third round. Now I'm in the semifinal, and, yeah, it's an unbelievable feeling."

-- Angelique Kerber, ranked No. 92, admitting she's surprised even herself with her run to the semifinals.

• "To be honest, I don't care.  I don't care what people think and say or do.  I care about what I know best.  I go out there, and what I care about is that I give 100 percent every time. You win a match, you lose a match sometimes.  It's sports.  I know I'm going out there and playing a great champion.  She hasn't won 13 Grand Slams for nothing.  She's been out there on the big stage many times.  I'm No. 1 in the world at the moment and I've been playing well and I have had a great year.  ... We'll just go out there, and hopefully it will be a good battle."

-- Caroline Wozniacki, on whether she can silence critics by beating Serena Williams in the semifinals.

• "It's definitely something that's innate. I don't think you can go out and get it. I just have it."

-- Serena Williams, on being mentally tough.

• "We have much less leverage, and I find sometimes they abuse that situation just a tiny bit. The French Open was something we were not happy about, that they started Sunday.  They did.  Here they have a Saturday/Sunday final.  The players are not happy, but we're doing it. So we have not much say in Grand Slam play, and that's without even talking about the revenues and all that stuff.  So there is a whole lot of other issues we need to work through with the Grand Slams and the ITF."

-- Roger Federer, on the lack of player input in Grand Slam tournaments.

• "We all are playing in a Tour that is so demanding.  We are playing in the longest season in all sports.  So we are changing continents, we are changing altitude, we are changing balls, changing courts, everything in just couple days' time. There is so many things we can discuss now.  But it's just a never‑ending story.  Players have to already focus for their next match, so we cannot spend our energy on conversation and discussions.  Somebody else has to do it for us.  Obviously, we don't have great representatives."

-- Novak Djokovic, on the need for good player representation.

• "I have been trying to tell people that talent normally wins in negotiations. If Bono doesn't want to go on tour, then it all falls apart. But until we unite as one voice, then we're not going get what we want; therefore, we don't have the right to complain about it."

-- Andy Roddick, on player unity.

• "Having a commissioner that wasn't biased to one side or the other ... would be a step in the right direction. But the thing is everyone needs to agree on it. If you have two or three guys agreeing on it and two or three guys disagreeing and then half of the Tour aren't really bothered and some are, I don't know. And also the women's Tour I think needs to come into it, too. I think that would help."

-- Andy Murray, on the potential for a tennis commissioner.

• "I always go out wearing either shoes that cover all my foot or most of it. I'm serious."

-- Serena Williams, on the lessons she's learned from her year off from the sport because of a foot injury.

• "Caroline is one of the most underestimated players out there, because you have to win each and every point against her. If you don't do it, you lose."

-- Andrea Petkovic, after losing her quarterfinal match to Caroline Wozniacki.

• "I don't know if I relish the opportunity, because I would rather, you know, play someone not as good and beat them."

-- Donald Young, on whether he relishes playing against the top players.

• Q. "Just talk about playing on a small court. Do you just feel your juices more intensely, feel more into the match ..."

ANDY RODDICK: "I try not to feel my juices ever, Bill. But I appreciate your interest in them."

Q. "That's all I think about."

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