By sistaff
September 10, 2011

(Elizabeth Pantaleo/ABACAUSA.COM)

I am Legend.


(Justine Lane/EPA)

Still legendary. Just not today.


(Louis Lanzano /Landov)

I'm assuming the BlackBerry died. No worries, Mirka's got a backup plan.


(Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Did anyone else catch Novak Djokovic's girlfriend, Jelena Ristic, clapping as if she has no ligaments in her wrist? It was adorable.


(Monika Graff /Landov)

Diddy just do that?

Yes, honey. Yes he did.


(Charlie Riedel/AP)

The elegance.


(Jason Szenes/Landov)

The ... I don't know what.

But it's bendy.

(Andrew Gombert/EPA)

JT, I give your fist pump a four out of five "ajde's."

(Elizabeth Pantaleo/ABACAUSA.COM)

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