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September 11, 2011

• "I don't have words to describe, because, you know, you hit a shot probably without thinking because you see the match total lost with 40‑15 and serving for Roger [Federer]. ... He returned the ball with eyes closed. The ball went to the line. After, one mistake from Roger and the match changed completely."

-- Rafael Nadal on Novak Djokovic's forehand winner when facing match point.

• "Well, you know, it's kind of like, OK, you feel like you're in the game, you're in the game, and then bam, bam, you're not in the game anymore."

-- Caroline Wozniacki on Serena Williams' powerful first serve.

• "Well, it was great to have him there. We met at one party that I cannot talk about details."

-- Novak Djokovic on having P. Diddy in his box.

• "You can have silence in memory of them, but the pain is done. It's difficult to accept, and the only way to ‑‑ you cannot do much. Just remember the moment and have the support for the families."

-- Rafael Nadal on the planned 9/11 moment of silence.

• "It shouldn't even be like a debate and trying to put them in a corner. I just think it's common sense. We'll hope for that, otherwise we will have to make ourselves heard again, which is not something we like doing."

-- Roger Federer on whether the USTA should change the U.S. Open schedule.

• "Yeah, I tend to do that on match points. It kinda works. [Smiling] ... That forehand return, I cannot explain to you because I don't know how it happened. You know, yeah, I read his serve and I was on the ball and I had to hit it hard, and it got in, luckily for me."

-- Novak Djokovic, on his tendency to "grip it and rip it" when match point down.

• "He looked like he started shaking his head. It was more out of frustration than anything. He caught it clean and hit an unbelievable shot and managed to turn the match around."

-- Andy Murray on Novak Djokovic's forehand winner.

• "She didn't buy her points and say she's No. 1 and she just got there. I think she deserves that ranking. I'm sure if she had a choice to win a Grand Slam, she'd want to do it as well. It's not through lack of trying."

-- Sam Stosur, on Caroline Wozniacki's top ranking despite having not won a Grand Slam event.

• "I've had worse turnarounds. I've gone out until like 6 in the morning and have to practice at 8. I should be fine."

-- Serena Williams on the quick turnaround to the finals.

• "Given the circumstances, I wasn't too impressed with the scheduling the way everything had turned out. I understand it's a tricky situation, but I think things could have been done a little bit differently or communication could have been better to express why things were going happen the way they happened. In the end, Grandstand is a fantastic court, it was a great atmosphere out there and I loved every second of it. That wasn't the point. I was just trying to stick up for what I thought was the right thing, and unfortunately it didn't happen."

-- Sam Stosur, on her semifinal match being scheduled on the Grandstand.

• "Definitely think both women's matches should have been on center court. I was really shocked that it wasn't. Especially being on the player council, I feel like as women we're doing so well in tennis and we've come such a long way, and Sam is such a fabulous player, top 10, finals of more than one Grand Slam now and she's won several tournaments. And Kerber is such a wild card and such a great look, to kind of see an exciting time. So I was a little disappointed in that, and I definitely think it will be in our notes for our council meeting."

-- Serena Williams, on her disappointment in the first women's semifinal match being scheduled on the Grandstand.

• "So everything is kind of gone a little crazy and haywire. I guess, yeah, I will be back in my hotel while they're still playing, which is a good thing."

-- Samantha Stosur on the revised women's semifinal schedule.

• "I think if one player deserve to win a Grand Slam, Andy [Murray] is the one. I seriously believe he's going to do it, and I really wish him all the best, because I really want to see him win a Grand Slam. When you win one, the second is easy. [Laughter]"

-- Rafael Nadal, on Andy Murray's failure to win a Grand Slam.

• "Well, if you're playing somebody like Roger, you have to take your chances when they're presented; otherwise you're losing a match."

-- Novak Djokovic, on going for a winner when Federer was serving with match point. 

• "Look, some players grow up and play like that. I remember losing junior matches. Just being down 5-2 in the third, and they all just start slapping shots. It all goes in for some reason, because that’s kind of way they grew up playing when they were down. I never played that way. I believe in hard-work’s-gonna-pay-off kinda thing, because early on maybe I didn’t always work at my hardest. So, for me, this is very hard to understand how can you play a shot like that on match point. But, look, maybe he’s been doing it for 20 years, so for him it was very normal. You've got to ask him."

-- Roger Federer, on Djokovic's ability to hit hit that forehand return while down match point.

• "I really feel like I don't have anything to lose. I have beaten all odds. You know, six months ago I was in the hospital and now I'm in the final."

-- Serena Williams, on whether she'll be nervous taking the court for the final.

• "Look, it happens sometimes. That's why we all watch sports, isn't it? Because we don't know the outcome and everybody has a chance, and until the very moment it can still turn. That's what we love about the sport, but it's also very cruel and tough sometimes."

Roger Federer on his reaction to Djokovic's comeback victory.

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