By sistaff
November 11, 2011

Serena Williams shames her naughty dogs, Mardy Fish is a mentor extraordinaire, and I will give extra points to Darren Cahill's son if he put on Givin' a Dog a Bone. Here’s the best from the Twitterverse in the last week.

Tweet of the Week: In light of Novak Djokovic's denials that he played Paris for the bonus money, Tennis Channel blogger James LaRosa nails it:!/JamesLaRosa/status/134304028355076096

Best of the rest:

10. Non-Marathon Man: Don't expect Andy Roddick to be running a marathon for kicks anytime soon.!/andyroddick/status/133215395581665280

9. The Hair of Chucky: Ryan Harrison can't focus, and it's not his fault.!/ryanharrison92/status/133718838909992960

8. Pet Travel 101: Who knew pet passports existed? Apparently Andy Murray's dog is well-versed in travel law.

7. Selling Yourself Short, Serena: You, me, Skee-ball. Challenge accepted?!/serenawilliams/status/133784950850846720

6. Class Act: A tennis player thanking his federation for support? Newsworthy.

5. Sunshine: Since when did Caroline Wozniacki start referring to herself in the third person?!/CaroWozniacki/status/133493435880587264

4. Ready, Aim, Fire: Personal note: Stay away from Andy Roddick at Mexican restaurants.!/andyroddick/status/132799353420136448

3. Back in Black: That's some good parenting right there.

2. Bad Doggie: Serena's pooch leaves her an unwanted present in the car.!/serenawilliams/status/133764547944263680

1. Mardy the Mentor: Harsh lesson for young Mr. Harrison, but Mardy is dead right.!/ryanharrison92/status/133605890887663617!/MardyFish/status/133608761339297792

BONUS BORIS: Boris Becker is a fantastic tweeter. He opines on everything under the sun, though his reporting can be a bit ... let's just say, tardy. Here's his analysis of the phenomenon known as Bieber Fever:!/Becker_Boris/status/134723365536669696!/Becker_Boris/status/134723835890106368!/Becker_Boris/status/134724182373175296

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