By Courtney Nguyen
December 02, 2011

Roger Federer is one the most respected humans in the world, Rafael Nadal frolics in his Armanis and Novak Djokovic has emerged as the best tennis player on the planet. But when it comes to the players about which people are most curious, the women of the WTA rule the Internet.

Bing, which apparently is a search engine that people use (I'm still skeptical), and Yahoo! both released lists of the most-searched athletes of 2011. Three tennis players made both sites' top-10 lists -- all three women and all three in the same respective order.

Maria Sharapova tops Bing's list and is No. 4 on Yahoo!, with Serena Williams not far behind (third on Bing and fifth on Yahoo!). Caroline Wozniacki checks in at No. 5 on Bing and No. 10 on Yahoo!.

Sharapova would have been the top female athlete on both lists if not for that pesky Go Daddy juggernaut that is Danica Patrick, the leading search on Yahoo!.

See the full lists after the jump.


1. Maria Sharapova

2. Tiger Woods

3. Serena Williams

4. Brett Favre

5. Caroline Wozniacki

6. Kobe Bryant

7. LeBron James

8. Lamar Odom

9. Hope Solo

10. Carmelo Anthony's gallery of Bing's top 10


1. Danica Patrick

2. Tiger Woods

3. Manny Pacquiao

4. Maria Sharapova

5. Serena Williams

6. Kris Humphries

7. Hope Solo

8. Kobe Bryant

9. Lamar Odom

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