By Courtney Nguyen
December 13, 2011

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• As Beyond The Baseline counts down the year that was, check out some of the funnier moments from the 2011 Australian Open in the above video.

• Bookmark this link: Introducing the AO TV Vault, where you can watch classic matches from the Australian Open, dating to 1998, for free. That's a pretty incredible service. Your move, Other Slams.

Anne Keothavong is excited about the appointment of Judy Murray as Britain's Fed Cup captain.

• Rory McIlroy's ex-girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, is not exactly going to be president of the Caroline Wozniacki Fan Club anytime soon.

• Matt Cronin looks at Nos. 6-10 on the WTA Tour. Sam Stosur gets the breakthrough player of the year award.

• Wee 15-year-old Ashleigh Barty won the Australian Open playoff to secure a main-draw wild card.

• On the flip side, tall and lanky Bernard Tomic is being investigated by police for something called hooning. That's Australian for reckless driving. My favorite part of that Wikipedia article? The etymology of hooning: "At the turn of the 20th century in Australia, the term 'hoon' (and its rhyming slang version 'silver spoon') had a different meaning: one who lived off immoral earnings (i.e. the proceeds of prostitution -- a pimp or procurer of prostitutes)."

• Adjusting the Net has a list of lowlights from the 2011 season.

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