By Courtney Nguyen
December 30, 2011

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• If I understand this commercial (which is a tenuous assumption), Li Na and her husband wish you a happy new year. Also, drink your milk.

• Kamakshi Tandon collects the best tennis tweets on the year. It's tough to argue with any list that includes this gem: "I would rather have 5% of Deliciano and a picture of the prize money. -- @judmoo"

• This collection of the 20 Best Tennis Gifs of 2011 is fantastic and great for a chuckle.

• Jon Wertheim unleashes his 2012 tennis predictions, where he expects to see tennis take center stage at the Olympics. "Sorry, rhythmic gymnasts and kayakers; when Serena and Andy Roddick are on the same side of the net, it will siphon attention."

explains why

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