By Courtney Nguyen
January 13, 2012

Rafa's got a brand new bag, Lindsay Davenport is restless and Laura Robson has a Wilson Phillips-related crisis. Here's the best of the week from the tennis Twitterverse.

Tweet of the Week: Rafael Nadal debuted a new tennis bag (on account of forgetting his regular one). It has wheels ... and its own Twitter account.!/jon_wertheim/status/155355969222742016

Best of the Rest

10. Trying to tell us something: We get it, Caroline. You're dating Rory McIlroy. Trust us. We get it.!/CaroWozniacki/status/156295902607327232

9. Tebow Time: Coco Vandeweghe reacts to the Denver Broncos' shocking overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. Who knew Tim Tebow was a comedian?

8. Hold on: No, Laura Robson. You cannot get sick of Wilson Phillips. Try again, kiddo.!/laurarobson5/status/156492990024650753

7. Oh, no she di'n't: Alla Kudryavtseva already took a pot shot at her fellow players, but insulting Beyonce's and Jay-Z's baby? Now she's taken it too far.!/AllaK11/status/156475608732418048

6. Casually dressed bridesmaid?: Did Serena Williams really crash a wedding in Melbourne? I wouldn't put it past her.

5. Teach me how to Dougie: With the resident WTA dancer, Andrea Petkovic, out of the Australian Open, let's throw some support behind Victoria Azarenka to unleash the Dougie in Melbourne.

4. Oh, baby!: Lindsay Davenport, who is pregnant with her third child, sounds like she's ready to pop.!/LDavenport76/status/156037415558062080

3. Never forget: Mats Merkel, a regular hitting partner for Wozniacki, reminisces about Caro's tall tale about being attacked by a kangaroo last year.!/MatsMerkel/status/156926730660102144

2. The A-Team: Here's hoping Serena and Andy Roddick drive up to Melbourne Park in the van.!/andyroddick/status/156918190595780608

1. Sister support: There's just something poignant about this one.!/serenawilliams/status/156470935107551232

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