By Courtney Nguyen
January 14, 2012

Serena Williams is one of the best tennis tweeters. Not only does she have the most followers among players, with nearly 2.4 million at this writing, but her tweets are actually entertaining and, at times, revealing (though often simultaneously confusing). Other players have taken notice as well.

"I think she's funny!" Laura Robson said in response to a few skeptical inquisitors at a press conference Saturday. "She's probably got over two million followers now? So she's obviously a good tweeter. You can't deny it."

Serena's account has tended to be a one-way deal in that she doesn't respond to fans much. But she's now instituted "Serena Friday," where she spends time answering fans' questions. Her first session ranged from heartfelt to bizarre to downright hilarious. You know, just like Serena.

"It's good because fans get to kind of connect with you" Williams said Saturday. "I get to laugh as well, kind of see what they're thinking, kind of see what's on their mind. I really love it. I like that aspect of being able to be interactive with people that are supportive."

Her supporters will also be happy to know that her ankle is doing well, though you won't see her using the now-famous hyperbaric chamber to speed the healing process.

"I'm extremely claustrophobic so that chamber is not an option for me," she said.

Here are some of her best tweets from Friday. You can see more here.!/serenawilliams/status/157992876167528448

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