By Courtney Nguyen
February 17, 2012

• Nicolas Almagro is trying to sell his custom-built house in Murcia, Spain. Unfortunately for Almagro, the real-estate market is the last place you want to be in Spain right now. So he's taken to the Internet in hopes that this video goes viral.

• Nice piece from Grantland using the Williams sisters to talk about how Asian-Americans feel watching Jeremy Lin. "In black Atlanta, we wanted people to celebrate the Williams sisters for their talent, sure," writes Rembert Browne. "But we also didn't want anyone to ever forget that these were two black girls doing it big in the predominantly white sport of tennis."

• Andre Agassi and his longtime trainer, Gil Reyes, have launched BILT, a series of workout machines. The website is a fun scroll. It's all hardcore jock talk until the end when it answers "Why BILT?" with "Skinny Jeans."

• Want to know how Milos Raonic's knee injury went from ruling him out of a live Davis Cup rubber to confidently defending his SAP Open title less than a week later? Dr. Spaceman ain't got nothing on the Vancouver doctor who misdiagnosed Raonic's injury.

The letter from Mike and Bob Bryan's father, Wayne, to the USTA has spawned an intense but professional and illuminating debate about the role of the national governing body in the development of young American talent. Now USTA general manager of player development Patrick McEnroe has weighed in. "Mr. Bryan wants the USTA out of the player development business, out of the coaching business and out of the rule-making business," McEnroe writes in a statement. "OK, he’s entitled to his opinion. But if the governing body of the sport isn’t making the rules, then who will? Doesn’t someone have to take the lead? Doesn’t someone have to organize and promote the sport?"

• A very humorous (a dead-on) take on the "What I really do" Internet meme, starring tennis fans.

• Non-tennis: Nine minutes of memorable line readings by one of the greatest (if not the greatest) actors of our generation: Nicolas Cage.

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