By Courtney Nguyen
March 01, 2012

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• Bob Bryan won his first match as a dad on Wednesday in Delray Beach and he and Mike took some time to talk about how life has changed since the birth of his daughter, Micaela. I hope when I was just a month old my father described me as a "sturdy little beast."

• Matt Cronin looks at the practical and economic realities of hosting a tournament in the Middle East, where there is little community involvement and the stands are half empty. "So what exactly is the point of hosting a tournament in Dubai, besides the large trash bags filled with cash that are dumped in the laps of players?" Cronin asks. "Really nothing if the point is to gain greater exposure for the sport. But the WTA tournament will continue to go on as long as the owners can afford to fund it without even hoping for a second that they can turn a profit."

• Peter Bodo takes a closer look at Marko Djokovic's prospects and wonders if he's willing to do the hard work to make it in the pros. "I think Marko is misreading the situation when he suggests that the players on the minor circuits make him "fight for every point" and play differently against him than against typical opponents because of his blood lines," Bodo writes. "Fighting bitterly for every point is what life is all about on the Futures and Challenger circuits. Down there, being named Djokovic actually means much less than it does up on the main tour, where the spectre of losing to the wrong Djokovic puts enormous pressure on anyone Marko might have to face."

• Brooklyn Decker may have accidentally revealed a two-year timetable for Andy Roddick's retirement, but he still believes he can go deep in Slams. "Everybody's definition of playing fabulous [is different]," Roddick said. "I have a long way to go to the way those guys are playing at the top four. That's just being real. That being said, do I think I can get hot and serve my way deep into a Slam? Yeah, I do. All you want is a chance, and I certainly think that's a realistic possibility."

• Non-tennis: RIP, Davy Jones. This fun remembrance of the self-aware and witty young Monkee is a nice read. As Jones once joked, “The only people who didn’t like The Monkees were the French, and they don’t even like themselves, so what’s the point?”

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