By Courtney Nguyen
March 02, 2012

Australian pro Samuel Groth probably won't be watching the Seven Samurai on the plane, Chanelle Scheepers gets her first taste of heaven and Mardy Fish goes on the ride of his life. Here's this week's best from the the tennis Twitterverse.

Tweet of the Week: There are quite a few fake player accounts on Twitter (all used for humor purposes, of course), but none are as good as @PseudoFed. Here's his tweet after making the Dubai final:!/PseudoFed/status/175629788126511104

Best of the Rest

10. A man needs his tools: Musicians get to carry on guitars. Tennis players get to carry on rackets. What's wrong with a samurai bringing his tools on board?

9. Buenos dias: Serena Williams' hitting partner, Sascha Bajin, isn't alone. We've all been there.

8. Yoga for the birds: "The Hiding Flamingo"?

7. Backhand of champions: Yeah, that Andre Agassi was OK at tennis, I guess.

6. Animal style: Welcome to California, Chanelle Scheepers.

5. Run, Caroline, run: On behalf of America, I apologize.

4. Humblebrag?: Add some credit to your phone quickly, Olivia. Lleyton takes text messages very seriously.

3. Bad parenting: I hope Anne Keothavong means "Coca-Cola."

2. Try again, buddy: Darren Cahill relays a hilarious run-in with a fan.

1. When in Rome: Fish's stay in Dubai was short-lived, but at least he got the one souvenir that everyone needs when they visit the Middle East: a picture with a camel.!/MardyFish/status/174541919031009280

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