By Courtney Nguyen
April 11, 2012

Serena Williams has embraced Instagram as a way to share photos of herself. (@serenawilliams)

In case you missed the news, Facebook has acquired Instagram, the retro-photo filter app for iPhone and Android, for $1 billion. I mean, it's everything that is the world these days: It's aught-technology wrapped up in a shaggy carpet of nostalgia. If people actually want to go back in time, how about we take that $1 billion and actually invent a time machine.

Not that Instagram has been limited to tech-hipsters and teenagers who now have an easy way to post and share pictures of sunsets, dorm food, and scuffed-up Converses. Athletes use it all the time too, and though people can laugh at the faux-artsy nature of photo filters, one thing we can all agree on is that it encourages people to share random moments from their lives. Those small moments can be fun and telling, so hey, if Instagram means I get more access into the lives of my favorite players, give the company all the money it wants.

Here's a short list of players who have already taken to Instagram like black plastic glasses to hipsters.

1. Serena Williams: Nobody uses Instagram better than Serena. Simply Nobody.

2. Victoria Azarenka: Azarenka just recently got a new iPhone, which she loves, and she's been Instagramming like a pro ever since. Here is her artistic rendering of how technology has overtaken the simplest of things, such as family dinner. On the flip side, remember those days when you could eat your dinner without some top tennis player taking out their camera, snapping a picture, and then photocopying it and handing it out to 87,000 complete strangers? Just wondering.

3. Dinara Safina: Dinara was an early adopter of the Instagram craze and her constant stream of retro pictures of Moscow make you think she's part of the set-design team for a movie set during the Cold War. Now if only she could get her brother into it...

4. Edina Gallovits-Hall: She's new to the game, but I think the world No. 96 getting the hang of it. Also... I want a cupcake.

5. Maria Sharapova: OK, I don't have proof that this is actually an Instagram. After all, Sharapova is a true saleswoman and she would never post an Instagram from her Sony Xperia phone -- yes the same Sony Xperia that was her sponsor at the time the pic was taken -- when the app wasn't available yet for Android, would she? Because if she did it would pretty much tell everyone that she wasn't using her Sony Xperia phone, but actually a -- gasp! -- iPhone. Basically what I'm saying is that Maria has an iPhone and so "AHA!" I caught you. Busted.

Did I miss any other great Instagrammers? Let me know in the comments.

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