By Courtney Nguyen
April 20, 2012

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• Very cute video of Victoria Azarenka playing the Orange Bowl at 13 years old. Check out that crazy service action and note the silence.

• Here's a description of what went down at the always fun and surprisingly cross-dressy Monte Carlo player's party. Unfortunately it's in Italian. But there are pictures and from what I can gather, Novak Djokovic impersonated Rory McIlroy, Ivan Dodig's coach Martin Stepanek did an impression of Rafael Nadal (much to Rafa's amusement), Frederico Gil put on a dress and grunted his way through a Victoria Azarenka impression, Oliver Marach played Maria Sharapova and Rohan Boppana has a Serena Williams impersonation up his sleeve. Oh, and something about Thomaz Bellucci in a bunny costume. Yeah, it's all very confusing.

• Matt Cronin is absolutely right in blasting the Hall of Fame voters for not voting in Yevgeny Kafelnikov. In addition to career accomplishments that are far superior than some previous inductees, Kafelnikov was instrumental in the development of Russian tennis, inspiring an entire generation of Marat Safins and Maria Sharapovas to pick up a racket.

But it has been my suspicion since I became a voter both in the Current Players category and then later in the Masters and Contributors category, that there are too many folks who are selected to vote who do not take their role seriously enough, or who should have never been picked in the first place because they don’t bother to follow the sport as intently as they should, or they let their personal biases get in the way of what should be a calculated, fairly objective vote. Rating a player’s career should not be seen as a popularity contest.

• Andrea Petkovic is back on court hitting in Stuttgart, getting slap happy with Julia Goerges.

• Laura Robson is in search of a coach. Predilection for happy-pants is a plus.

Welcome to ESPN, John McEnroe. He'll be in the booth for the network's coverage of Wimbledon.

• Here's a fun roundup of the Fed Cup fashions. I think giving an "F" to Team USA was generous. Also, I never get sick of seeing the entire German team decked out in black leather. It works for them.

• Non-tennis: Here's a video of a baby doing pullups. Happy weekend, everyone!

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