By C.W. Sesno
May 08, 2012

Serena Williams appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight last week and even picked up a wooden racket  -- or more accurately, a wooden racket was shoved into her hand -- for a light hit with the CNN host at the Vanderbilt Tennis and Fitness Club in New York.

The most interesting portion of the interview came when Williams opened up about her ever-mysterious love life, which, if you follow her on Twitter, is always on her mind.

Here are five things we learned about Serena:

• She had never hit with a wood racket before. She's not a fan.

• She says she's been in love "definitely just once." Said Williams: "I think that's tough to be in love, and then it might not work out, and then it's life."

• For Serena, heartbreak was worse than having blood clots in her lungs. "I think having surgery is definitely a lot easier," she said. "Having a pulmonary embolism is definitely easier than having a heartbreak."

• Don't ask why or how the scenario came up, but Serena said she'd happily sacrifice her limbs for Venus. "[S]he has more going for her. She has a great life," Serena said.

• Serena stood by her tweet that she won't be dating for the next 10 years. "I'm not ready yet," she said. "I'm still trying to get over something. I think that takes time."

You can see excerpts from her interview in the clips below:

[vodpod id=Video.16467605&w=425&h=350&fv=]

[vodpod id=Video.16467621&w=425&h=350&fv=]

[vodpod id=Video.16467612&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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