By Courtney Nguyen
May 31, 2012

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• Video: Sometimes Novak Djokovic throws his racquet in frustration. In this case he threw it in a bid at self-protection.

• In case you missed it, these highlights from the decisive 23 minute game between Serena Williams and Virginie Razzano is a must watch. It was incredible that Serena saved seven match points, and even more incredible that Razzano fought for every one of them until the end.

• Speaking of Serena, she's playing mixed doubles at the French Open with Bob Bryan. You can hear how that pairing came about in the Bryans' blog. It sounds like prom.

I got a call from her agent a couple months ago just before we came to Europe. She asked me if I wanted to play with Serena, and I said, "Yes!" I didn't have any expectations, and I'm not sure if it means we'll play at the Olympics. I was just going to see how the cards fell. I respect Andy Roddick and if he wanted to play with her, it was fine by me.

• The Morning News thinks it's time to let go of America's old guard and embrace the young ones.

Agassi, Sampras, and Roddick are gone. (Yes, Roddick still plays, but he doesn’t, really -- sorry dude, love you.) Get over wanting to win. We have years for these new guys to figure out how not to lose. For now, even a loss will be more exciting than familiar faces doing what they do less well than they used to do it.

• For Roger Federer to win in Paris, he needs it fast and hot.

• A hilarious read here about The Queen and Roger Federer.

Rodge remembers it well. The All England Club had laid on a slap-up spread on his day off and was well chuffed.

“Big honour, obviously,” he said of the lunch, “and the Club invited the Queen.” Clearly that was very thoughtful of the AELTC.

“Thank God she came,” Rodge went on. Well, it would have been so embarrassing if the Club had over-catered. “After over 30‑plus years, she came to the Club. Chairman Tim Phillips was so excited and so, I think, were all the fans.” Rodge, naturally, took it all in his stride. After all, he’s used to people holding special functions for him.

• Inside the haute cuisine side of Roland Garros.

• Think being a tennis instructor is a dream job? Think again. One Wall Street Journal reporter decided to ditch the reporter gig and become a teaching pro. It didn't turn out well.

A realization started dawning on me. My passion for tennis was superficial -- an outlet from my working life as a journalist -- and I mistook it for something more. Teaching the game was like moving in with someone you've been dating, and then finding out you get on each other's nerves.

• A French radio station prank called Rafael Nadal. Seriously, you guys? On match day?

• Non-tennis: Is it too early to spark some Olympic Fever?

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