By Courtney Nguyen
June 01, 2012

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• Video: Novak Djokovic gets asked to cast a movie using only tennis players. Roger, Maria, DelPo, Tomic, and Berdych are all on his list. But who plays which role?

• Virginia Wade took issue with Andy Murray's injury-laden second round win, saying he was being "a drama queen" and "not acting in an adult way". Murray fired back.

"I've known her since I was a really young kid. She used to do coaching stuff with my mum since I was a really young child, so to me that's quite disappointing. She has no idea what I was feeling on the court. She doesn't know what was happening 20 minutes before I went out on to the court, what I was feeling, what I was doing."

• Brian Baker may be done in Paris, but this is a fun read about what the whole ordeal was like for his family.

Brian’s sister Kathryn sat quietly. His older brother Art, who used to pummel Brian in tennis, leaned forward and shouted encouraging words. Alathea Thompson, Baker’s girlfriend, cheered but looked nervous. When Baker held serve for a 5-4 lead in the set, his uncle Carl announced that he was cramping and needed food. Brian’s father Steve called for an unopened candy bar that another fan had left on the ground beneath the bleachers. “That’ll work,” he said. Carl devoured it.

• Matt Cronin says John Isner is regressing.

Isner needs to take some responsibility for taking care of his motivation level and strategies on clay during non Davis Cup matches. His three biggest wins on dirt this year came with U.S. Davis Cup captain Jim Courier in his ear over Roger Federer, Gilles Simon and Jo Tsonga. Since then, he’s taken a series of early round losses to lesser players. If Courier or Isner’s private coach Craig Boynton had been on court during the marathon match vs. Mathieu, I bet he would have come through in four sets. But he’s having trouble with week in and week out grind of the tour, even though he’s 27 years old.

• Janko Tipsarevic says Feliciano Lopez would be his wingman of choice.

• Totally agree with this: Court 2 is the best court at Roland Garros, and that walkway is one of my favorite spots in tennis.

• Does Joey Potter know about this?

• Non-tennis: Some cool Olympic portraits from the Atlantic.

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