By Courtney Nguyen
June 05, 2012

I often wonder whether Maria Sharapova regrets ever making her famous "Cow on Ice" comment in reference to her movement issues when it comes to the red European dirt. Every year she gets asked about it, every year writers write about it, and every year fans giggle about it.

Until now.

This has been the year of a different question. "Maria, you famously described your movement on clay as being like a cow on ice. Clearly that's not the case anymore. Care to revise your opinion?" Some variation of this question has popped in so many of her press conferences that she now has a standard reply: I may not look like it but I still feel like it sometimes.

Oh, don't worry. You still look like it sometimes, too.

During her wacky three-set win in the French Open fourth round on Monday, Sharapova went wide to her forehand and went tumbling to the ground after turning her ankle. Thankfully she escaped the fall uninjured and, rather astonishingly, she actually won the point on a net-cord.

"That was my first fall of the clay season, which is the biggest shocker," Sharapova told reporters. "I usually have a few before the French Open." Yes, Maria. Yes you do.

You can watch the point in the clip below. And yes, I'll just say what you're all thinking: If umpire Eva Asderaki were in the chair (she umpired the Serena Williams/Virginie Razzano match), Maria's yelp as she falls to the ground probably would have been called a hindrance.

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