By Courtney Nguyen
June 06, 2012

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• Video: It's a Slam so you know what that means? Eurosports always entertaining WATTS montages, which capture the wacky moments of each day.

• Don't expect the French Open to make any meaningful changes to sort out its scheduling issues until 2017, when the expansion of the grounds is complete. The tournament has struggled getting all the matches in before sundown and while the players suggest the obvious (*cough*lights*cough), it doesn't sound like a stop-measure is coming anytime soon.

Illumination will eventually come to Roland Garros, but not till 2017. That's when the French Open's bold expansion plans are slated for completion. They include a retractable roof above Chatrier with lights — plus night sessions. In the short term, no solution is evident.

• Dominika Cibulkova made headlines for saying that Sam Stosur "plays like a man." It was a bad choice of words. The WTA should pull players aside and explain to them why the comment can be insulting and demeaning. But having read Cibulkova's full comments, I'm inclined to give her a pass on this one. I don't think she meant any harm by it and in fact, meant it as a compliment, even if the expression fell short. The fact that her comments are being equated to Martina Hingis saying Amelie Mauresmo was "half a man" because she's a lesbian is just plain wrong. Those comments aren't even in the same universe.

• Remember Tatiana Golovin? After a back injury has effectively put her career on indefinite hold, she's now commentating for French television and hoping for a "miracle cure".

Golovin’s back pain, as far as the doctors could tell, did not result from tennis. It would have happened anyway. They gave her a choice: injections to manage the pain and prolong her career but that would cause further damage; or quit. She held out hope, even traveled to the Beijing Olympics in order to compete. That would be the last tournament she attended, at least with the intent of playing.

• This is a pretty funny collection of videos of WTA players being asked to name the top five women by ranking. Poor Petra Kvitova. Talk about flying under the radar.

• Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the locker room of a Slam? Here's your chance.

• The Roland Garros site did a Q&A with Maria Sharapova, and she manages to get a product placement in, humblebrag, and call the interviewer a lush. Job well done.

• Sam Stosur does her best to translate some Aussie slang. "Frog in a sock?" "Flat out like a lizard drinking?" "Off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun?" I wish Sam would use these.

• Non-tennis: The Daily Show on the Diamond Jubilee.

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