By Courtney Nguyen
June 12, 2012

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• Video: If you haven't seen Rafael Nadal's celebration after winning his record-breaking seventh Roland Garros, here it is. That has to be the biggest celebration I've seen from Rafa and his camp ever. It's kind of adorable that they all pet him like you would a puppy. (Skip ahead to 1:30 for match point.)

• Pete Bodo thinks Novak Djokovic is the best player to never win the French Open.

Novak Djokovic is still a work in progress, but his 31-8 record (79.4 WP) is the best, percentage-wise, among all the men under consideration. In eight French Opens, Djokovic lost to Federer once and four times to Nadal, including three in a row spanning 2006-08.... Given that two of his three previous (before Sunday) losses to Nadal were in semifinals, you can only guess that Djokovic might have won -- might yet do -- in Paris were it not for Nadal.

• Jon Wertheim's 50 thoughts after a Slam are always a must-read.

• Janko Tipsarevic tells The Tennis Space that he thinks tennis' journeymen are underpaid, especially in comparison to golfers.

Golf and tennis, for me, are both from the same family of sports. So in golf, look at how many players made more than $1 million in prize money last year (94) compared to tennis (15). I feel that’s ridiculous. It is about the average salaries. If you are a player ranked about 100, if you stay about 80 or 90, I would say that you would not lose money, but you would not make any money either.

• L'Equipe reports that Serena Williams trained at the Mouratoglou Academy in Paris after she lost in the first round of the French Open. Via Google Translate, Patrick Mouratoglou, who also oversees Serena's good friend Grigor Dimitrov, says he worked with Serena during those two weeks. That would explain why they were sitting together during the men's final.

"She came to the Academy after his defeat and has trained with me every day. She is in a process of growth. She wants to become even better, on all levels. She is very hungry for victories, as if she was 18."

• You ain't made it as a tennis player until you've secured a watch deal: Andy Murray signs with Rado.

• On the outer courts of Halle, a small milestone: The first win for a Chinese man on foreign soil in seven years.

• A New York Times editor is playing the U.S. Open wildcard playoff tournament, which began on Monday. And he's writing about the experience.

Deep down there are no illusions that a 47-year-old newspaper editor is going to qualify for the United States Open, even if that editor finished fifth in the East region in the 45-and-over division rankings last year. But if my opponents were to get sprained ankles, food poisoning or get lost in traffic, who knows what could happen? Still, the real motivation was to play against the best and see where I stood. So bring on the tennis monster from Charlottesville. Maybe I can win a game or two.

Julia Goerges is blogging for the WTA from Bad Gastein, where a handful of ladies who haven't had their fill of clay will battle it out. Also there was a toga party. Apparently.

• Check out the star-spangled kicks Andy Roddick will be sporting at the Olympics. Are you ready for he color-splash, Wimbledon?

• Non-tennis: While on my flight to rain-sogged England, I found myself absolutely enraptured by this podcast from the Slate Culture Gabfest, discussing how movies are scored and, more generally, how music is used in film. A must-listen.

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