By Courtney Nguyen
June 25, 2012

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• Video: The WTA pre-Wimbledon player party seemed to go off without a hitch. Who's your pick for fashion winner? I'm going with Li Na's Fem-bot look.

• Petra Kvitova says her father just couldn't stop crying when she won Wimbledon. Heck, he might still be crying.

"He was a little crazy," Kvitova says, laughing, "and for me it was a little funny. The tears were the most funny. Normally, when I was a kid, he showed no emotion. And now he was crying …" Kvitova pauses and then, with comic timing, says coolly, "A lot! He was crying on court. He was crying for an hour after the match was over. When I have a good result, now, he is like that. But he wasn't always the same."

• More on Kvitova: She's a good girl.

"It wasn't very easy getting used to being famous," she said. "Everybody stared at me in the supermarket and on the street. I think my life changed, for sure." Kvitova still lives in her flat in Prostojev but has a new car. "I had a Skoda, but after Wimbledon I changed to BMW," she said. Does she like driving fast? "Unfortunately, yes." Has she collected any speeding tickets? "No, not yet. I'm a good girl."

• David Nalbandian speaks to The Tennis Space about what happened at Queen's Club.

“So far, the public has been very nice to me as I told you before. I have been receiving support and encouraging words from them. So once again, I thank them a lot.”

• Andy Murray has a point here: Why in the world did they make Nalbandian speak after he was defaulted?

• Rejoice, Smurfs of the world, for Gargamel has been foiled: The ATP says no to blue clay in 2013.

• Family, pizza, and snow: How the mountains of Serbia spawned a Slam champion.

If it seems unlikely that Andy Murray could have been produced by a rainy backwater in hopelessly underachieving Britain, then it is simply extraordinary that Djokovic was delivered by this mountainside submerged in snow for six months a year. After he won at the All England Club last year, the 25-year-old briefly reflected on his good fortune that, in the late Eighties, three courts happened to be built just across from where his parents ran a pizza parlour, and where renowned coach Jelena Gencic ran holiday courses.

• Doug Robson on how hip injuries are no longer the career-ender they once were.

• The soon-to-be world famous PseudoFed blogs for The Tennis Space.

• Some of the WTA ladies glam it up for The Daily Mail.

• Non-tennis: The Cult of Sports Night.

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