By Courtney Nguyen
July 11, 2012

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Here's my attempt to catch up on two weeks of non-Bageling. Did you read something you loved during the fortnight? Send me an email.

• VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon does his best Roger Federer impression. It's not as good as PseudoFed, but it gets some giggles.

• If you missed S.L. Price's pieces on Serena Williams both before and after the final, take the time to read them. And have some tissue on hand.

• Doug Robson chats with Serena Williams in Stanford, 36 hours after her Wimbledon victory.

• Andy Murray writes for BBC after his Wimbledon loss.

The disappointment will linger for as long as it needs to, it's not a process I'll rush. Sometimes getting back on the court quickly might work, but it can also have completely the opposite effect. I have to take the right amount of time off, let my body and mind fully recover.

• Congratulations, Roger! Here is a fish! While you were playing tennis I was healing my body to try and stop you at the Olympics in a few weeks. Vamos!

• Great stuff here from, Christopher Clarey on Roger Federer and Serena Williams' evolving coaching situations.

• Rick Reilly asks the prefect bar-room question: Who's greater: Roger Federer or Tiger Woods?

To make it all the way back in the greatest era in tennis history? That's breathtaking. Woods hasn't done that yet, and he lives in the So What? era of golf history. He has convinced a bunch of us he's back, but not everybody. He needs a major title to do that, and he hasn't won one in four years. Remember when Woods and Federer would text each other about who was ahead in majors? They don't anymore.

• If you weren't reading Brian Phillips' dispatches from Wimbledon during the fortnight, well what are you waiting for?

• Man, there was a lot of crying this year at Wimbledon (myself included, to be honest). Liked this observation from Louisa Thomas for Grantland.

When Radwanska addressed the crowd after her loss, she, like Murray, was fighting tears. They meant something different than his did, but I was just as struck by them. Radwanska was not happy to lose. When all the world had thought she'd cower, she had played her game. Maybe tears mean something after all. Not weakness, though. Something more like self-respect.

• The funniest thing about this is that the All England Club gave Victoria Azarenka a generic Wimbledon branded polo. As for anyone wondering about Azarenka's confusion, players are allowed to wear colors when practicing at Aorangi Park. But the predeominantly white rule takes effect when you're practicing on the actual courts, which she's doing here.

• The Classical says Uniqlo is the "Novak Djokovic" of the fashion world. So match made in heaven then.

• A look at Angelique Kerber, who's proven that she's no fluke.

• The players throw Jelena Jankovic under the bus when it comes to wearing make-up on court. Come on, we've all noticed.

• Enjoyed this take on Radwanska by Tom Perotta.

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