By Courtney Nguyen
July 12, 2012

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• VIDEO: Best and worst shots from Wimbledon 2012. I missed that cheeky Juan Monaco shot.

• ESPN takes an in-depth look at the team that has sculpted Novak Djokovic, focusing specifically on Dr. Igor Cetojevic, the doctor who diagnosed Djokovic through a TV screen and helps him remain fit in body and mind:

Cetojevic continued to help Djokovic with the mental parts of his game through daily exercises ranging from the traditional to the obscure: emotional counseling, color therapy, meditation, visualization. Cetojevic provided Djokovic with reading material, asking him to regularly read through The Four Agreements, a book by a New Age spiritualist about looking inward to attain happiness and peace. Cetojevic thought the book would resonate with Djokovic in his rivalries with Federer and Nadal. "He was focusing on their strength and power and losing his center," Cetojevic says. "I helped him focus on his inner strength."

• Nice story here on 1962 Wimbledon champion Karen Hantze Susman. They've come a long way, baby.

• What about those brown patches of dirt that made the Centre Court baseline look like a grazed field? John McEnroe's observations as to how the slick grass affects Rafael Nadal's game is interesting:

Of the eight five-set matches he has played at Wimbledon, five have come within the first week, when the grass is softer. Without solid footing, Nadal cannot generate as much racket speed to lash his ground strokes, which hindered him during a second-round loss to Lukas Rosol.

• Here's what Caroline Wozniacki will be wearing during the summer hard-court season.

• Serena Williams will be executive producing and voicing something called "WimbleToad."

• The International Tennis Hall of Fame has changed course and decided to investigate the allegations of sexual abuse against HOFer Bob-Hewitt.

• Doug Robson reported that the WTA is looking into a "grunt-o-meter." Said Victoria Azarenka: "Good luck with that."

• Andy Roddick talks the Williamses. Spoiler alert: He's not shocked by what they can still do.

• Why does Evian want to align itself with tennis? Elegance and prestige.

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