By Courtney Nguyen
July 25, 2012

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• VIDEO: During a livechat, Andrea Petkovic befriended a bird. The bird proceeded to... umm, well, crap on her. Such is Petko's luck these days.

The New Yorker looks at the Olympic class system, at which tennis sits near the top. Does it make a difference?

The Olympic Village is occupied by two classes of citizens: those athletes for whom the Games mean everything, and those for whom they mostly mean a paid vacation. The latter primarily play professional basketball, tennis, and soccer.

• An in-depth look at the unconventional coaching relationship between Marion Bartoli and her father, Walter.

"My approach is quite different, because I'm not a tennis player," Walter Bartoli told in an interview last year. "A lot of the coaches are former tennis players, so they try to improve the game using the wrist, the arm. But I am not seeing those things the same way. And especially with Marion, because she plays double-handed, the physical training and the speed on the court from the feet and the legs are very important."

How to attend the London Olympic Games on the right side of the law. These are very good tips and sadly, a lot of these jokes aren't actually jokes at all.

You may enter the Olympic Park with an officially sanctioned brand emblazoned across your chest. Sportsmanship means saying that you only ever drink Coke, only ever eat McDonald’s, that your phone is a Samsung and your TV a Panasonic. And that you paid for all of these things with your Visa card. Should you be foolish enough to claim that you always had a fondness for Pepsi, much prefer Burger King, and will have to have your iPhone pried from your cold dead hands, you’ll be declared unsportsmanlike. A cheat. And you know what we do with cheats. We hound them on Twitter.

• Lleyton Hewitt, who got a wildcard into the singles competition at the Olympics, is still miffed that he didn't get a doubles wildcard with Chris Guccione. He makes some good arguments, but there's just something off-putting in grousing about a wildcard when the reality is, Hewitt hadn't qualified for the Olympics by virtue of his ranking (singles or doubles) in the first place.

• Meanwhile, a couple of veteran South African players are disappointed in the decisions by Kevin Anderson and Chanelle Scheepers to skip the Games altogether. Anderson is actually in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship, and Scheepers has had some disagreements with the federation.

• Speaking of federation disputes, that's why Alexandr Dolgopolov won't be representing Ukraine in London. The No. 17 ranked player hasn't fulfilled his Davis Cup duties to make himself available and the Ukrainian tennis federation says it's because he demands too much money to play.

"It's pretty much some conflicts with the federation," he said, and that there were "a lot of issues." Those conflicts and issues led Dolgopolov to consider changing nationalities from Ukraine to Russia. "We couldn't find a solution to the problems, so we just put it on standby and I couldn't play for the team at this moment."

• Bruce Jenkins breaks down the U.S. chances in London.

• Buzzfeed lists their 10 hottest male tennis players on Twitter. Almost, Buzzfeed. Almost.

• Check out this very cool time-lapse video from Wimbledon. Technology these days.

• LOCOG may not be able to keep the Nike Swoosh away from the Olympics (Nike sponsors the US team as well as a number of prominent tennis players, *cough*Roger*cough*Maria*cough*Serena*), but you have to read how far London is going to keep non-sponsors away from the Games.

• Non-tennis: An oral history of the 1996 bombing at the Atlanta Olympics.

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