By Courtney Nguyen
August 07, 2012

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• Video: Given the scene on Centre Court four weeks ago, you have to love Sue Barker's first question to Andy Murray after his gold medal win: " ok this time?"

• Steve Tignor looks back at his favorite moments for the Olympics.

• Looking at the legacy of the Bryans.

The two remained dry-eyed through the medal ceremony, but don't be fooled -- this was one of the most emotional moments in their joined-at-the-hip journey. "There's no bigger match we'd rather win than that one,'' Bob said. "Centre Court, Wimbledon, for our country, for each other. We're 34 years old, and we've played tennis since we were 2 years old. That's a lot of balls going across the net, and this is it. This is the top of the mountain.''

• Serena faces some criticism for her post-victory C-Walk dance. More on that later.

• A look behind the scenes as to how LOCOG made sure the All England Club did not resemble Wimbledon.

What the Olympic system does not realise is that it is not actually omnipotent. There are sports that have been gathered into the fold – rich and successful sports that could make the IOC a few extra bucks – that have their own history, their own traditions, and their own levels of excellence. And some of those sports are better at holding a championship than the IOC. Tennis is the prime example.

• Andy Murray wins a gold and gets stamped. And he got a hug from a young fan in the stands. Here's the story on how that came about.

• It's the Olympics, not Wimbledon.

• NBC extends its rights to the French Open to 2024.

• Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic will represent Serbia at Hopman Cup in January. Bernard Tomic also confirmed.

• Non-tennis: Did you see Alex Morgan's game-winning header in extra time to beat Canada?

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