By Courtney Nguyen
August 20, 2012

Maria Sharapova can now satisfy her sweet tooth with her own candy.
(Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)

What does victory taste like? Well, according to Maria Sharapova, it tastes like a tennis gumball.

Sharapova was in New York on Monday to launch "Sugarpova," her new line of boutique candy. The launch party was hosted by the renowned Henri Bendel's department store on 5th Avenue, which pretty much says all you need to know about Sugarpova. This ain't candy  you'll be grabbing at a rest stop during your 16-hour road trip. This is fancy-people candy, carried exclusively at a limited number of retail outlets, luxury hotels and resorts.

From the press release announcing the launch, "Each unique candy flavor is represented by a bold and colorful pair of lips that represent the many fun-loving sides of their namesake creator: chic, flirty, silly, splashy, cheeky, sassy, spooky, smitten, quirky and sporty." I confess, I've used many of those words to describe Sharapova but "splashy" is a new one. Nor have I ever used the word "gummy," which is what most of the candies are.

"Creating Sugarpova has been an exciting labor of love," Sharapova said. "My tennis and business schedules keep me traveling worldwide, and I confess to having a sweet tooth that knows what it wants! When I didn’t find it in the marketplace, I decided to create the type of candy that girls like me crave. I can’t wait to share Sugarpova with my fellow candy lovers.”

"Maria Sharapova is the quintessential example of today’s young woman -- she’s always on the go, fun, fierce and vivacious," said Jeff Rubin, co-creator of the candy line. "She's the type of girl who never settles, and Sugarpova perfectly embodies her spirit of both style and substance."

So there you go. If you love candy but always wished it could be more fun, fierce and vivacious, Maria Sharapova has come to the rescue.

You can watch a video of the launch here:

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