By Courtney Nguyen
August 21, 2012

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• Video: John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg team up for doubles and they're pretty darn good. Check out the 41-shot rally that begins at the 53 second mark.

• This story is about as weird as weird gets in the tennis world: A U.S Open line umpire was arrested at the the umpire's hotel in Manhattan for allegedly murdering her husband with a coffee mug. Suited up for duty at the time her arrest, she showed up to the arraignment in her full U.S. Open uniform.

According to the criminal complaint, filed in Superior Court in Los Angeles, Goodman “personally used a deadly and dangerous weapon(s), to wit, COFFEE CUP.” Goodman appeared in Criminal Court in Manhattan, wearing blue warm-ups, complete with an Open logo, and handcuffs, as she chewed gum and waited to appear before the judge.

• Serbian media reports Novak Djokovic took a handsaw to his rackets after failing to win a medal in London.

Rafael Nadal talks to CNN two days after withdrawing from the Olympics. Worth a watch for the tour of Manacor.

• Brian Baker isn't worried about his post-Wimbledon slump.

• Ernests Gulbis may not win a whole lot of matches anymore, but he's still the king of press conferences.

On the subject of the city of New York and that some pros don’t care for all of its noise and hassle, Gulbis quipped, “Well some players are princesses. I like New York a lot. I don’t like a place like Cincinnati where you have one Applebees, two hotels and you go outside and get depressed, it’s a joke.”

• The WTA debuted a new phase of its "Strong is Beautiful" campaign and not everyone's pleased about it.

• Non-tennis: The 11 types of fantasy football players.

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