By Courtney Nguyen
August 24, 2012

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• Video: Roger Federer gets accosted by security at the airport. He just wants his Lindt Chocolate, ladies!

• John Jeremiah Sullivan with an in-depth read on Venus and Serena for New York Times Magazine. It's the must-read of the week. This video from the photoshoot accompanying the piece is also worth a watch.

Richard Williams often receives an undue share of attention in discussions of the Williams sisters, their game and how they got started. Partly this is appropriate: he’s their coach. Partly it’s because, for many years, he demanded, or at least commanded, that attention with his bizarre pronouncements and antics. But all of this has led to a persistent distortion in the telling of the Williams story, which is, after all, a story of powerful women — not just Venus and Serena, but the household of women who surrounded and nurtured them.

• Howard Bryant writes about the vindication of Richard Williams for ESPN the Magazine.

Burrowed underneath his warmth, and the triumphs, is fuel -- the fire of slights before the victories. "They never wanted us here," Richard said one afternoon at Wimbledon, referring to the tennis establishment that ridiculed the beads in his daughters' hair when they first arrived and questioned the way he coached them -- always seeming to find a way to suggest that his black girls didn't quite belong. He continued: "There was only one way: Win and make them deal with us. Win and they have to give you a seat at the table, even if they don't want you there."

• Looking back at the 1977 U.S. Open, "the wildest Open ever played".

Celebrating Andy Roddick, who will turn 30 next week.

Gimelstob added: “Has Andy always treated people the right way? No, he hasn’t. Is Andy perfect? No, he isn’t. When people see tennis players complain on court, they are usually seeing the worst of us, and it gets real easy from the broadcast booth and the stands to go with the negative. But anyone who says that Andy isn’t a good guy or has been an underachiever doesn’t know him or tennis.”

• Crandon Park, home of the Sony Ericsson Open, might get a renovation. That facility needs it big time.

• Don't know David Goffin? You should. Read up on the ATP profile of the young Belgian, who could score a big upset at the U.S. Open. He plays Tomas Berdych in the first round.

• Some shots from Maria Sharapova's photo shoot for Evian.

• Non-tennis: Star Wars Call Me Maybe.

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