By C.W. Sesno
September 12, 2012

(London Evening Standard)

You see that bill? You see the 2 bottles of Roederer, the 17 "Zesty" Martinis, and references to Don Julio Black, Cabernets and Green Destinies?

Yeah, Andy Murray had the $6.00 lemon soda. Just one.

The London Evening Standard reports that Murray and his team hit up New York hot spot Hakkasan after his history-making U.S. Open win on Monday night, and while Murray's team boozed it up in a very admirable way, the champ himself had... a soda.

"The problem was when I arrived everyone was so drunk already," he told a small pool of reporters the next day. "It would've taken awhile to catch up, so I didn't bother."

You really could have splurged and had two sodas though, Andy. Really. Murray's straight and narrow decision shouldn't come as a shock to those who follow tennis. Murray has quite the reputation as a teetotaler, citing a bad experience when he was young in Barcelona that put him off drinking completely. Not that that stopped his team, which included his girlfriend, Kim Sears and his mother Judy, who showed up to Andy's post-semifinal press conference smelling "of wine" and with two famous Scots in tow.

I wondered then what the celebration would be like if Murray were to actually win his first Slam in New York. Looks like they did it up right.

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