By Courtney Nguyen
September 13, 2012

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• Video: This is just a sick shot from Janko Tipsarevic in his quarterfinal loss to David Ferrer. Sick.

• Former No. 1 and 2003 French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero announced he'll retire after next week's Valencia Open. Ferrero was one of the most gracious, classiest players in men's tennis. Happy trails to him. He'll be missed.

• Some thoughts on the equal prize money debate over at The Tennis Space.

But given that “should women get equal prize money” is a question that’s been answered—in the case of the US Open, for some forty years!—and that “should women play five sets like the men?” is not a question being seriously entertained by fans, WTA players, or the ITF, why are they being asked? And why now? Until I’m persuaded otherwise, my answer is that either we’ve got a serious misunderstanding on our hands or this way of presenting the problem benefits some constituencies—or both.

• The New York Times looks at how the United States should be tapping into high school athletics to build tennis champions. Not sure I buy the argument that just because we're a big nation with resources we should be dominating tennis (we also have three major sports that occupy the vast majority of our athetlics talent pool) but the idea of letting players incubate in school is an interesting one.

McEnroe correctly mentions that no country is routinely cranking out tennis champions. But the United States should be. With our resources, we should be a dominant force in tennis year in, year out. A well-funded primary and high school tennis system would expose the sport to all comers, enhancing the school experience.

• Some say they never thought they'd see the day when a Brit finally won a Slam. I say I never thought I'd see the day I'd type out the following sentence: Freestylin' with The Roots and Andy Murray.

• This is just a great screencap: Sean Connery is impressed.

• Non-tennis: I think this is pretty much how tennis fans feel after a grueling summer.

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