By Courtney Nguyen
October 01, 2012

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• Video: Novak Djokovic and Nicolas Almagro join in the latest pop culture hurricane that's taking over the world: Gangnam Style. Heeeeeeeeeey, sexy lady.

The ITF is not concerned about the WTA's decision not renew an agreement regarding Fed Cup.

“We don't think it changes anything,” ITF spokesperson Kris Dent said. “We haven’t had contractual agreement with ATP for years [over Davis Cup requirements]. Our priority is going strength to strength and Fed Cup has done that. Players are playing, more and more people are coming and watching, TV numbers are up. The Fed Cup final in Prague sold out in six hours…Let’s face it, there is a requirement for players every week that they play on tour.”

• Maria Sharapova is all for the WTA's plan to curtail grunting. It's been Sharapova's stance on the issue for months now, and contrary to what you might think it's not all that surprising. The WTA's plan of attack is to focus on stopping unnecessary grunting for the next generation, while leaving the current generation *cough*Maria*cough* untouched.

"The WTA created a plan. That's the smart way to go about it, rather than like taking someone's forehand and grip in the middle of their career and telling them to change it."

• Serena and Venus Williams have a new baby brother.

• There will be no reunion of the Indo-Pak Express: Aisam Qureshi turns down Rohan Bopanna's requests to reunite.

• Non-tennis: This is a very good stingray photobomb.

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