By C.W. Sesno
October 19, 2012

Andy Murray book Andy Murray has a new book coming out. (Amazon)

The Brits do love the written word, and boy can they churn it out fast.

It's been no more than a month and a half since Andy Murray crouched to the ground in relief after finally breaking through to win his first Slam title, and now comes word that he'll get the book treatment. Andy Murray: Champion will hit the shelves in Britain on November 8th, just in time for the holiday season. Penned by veteran tennis writer Mark Hodgkinson, current editor of The Tennis Space, the book purports to look at the entirety of Murray's career that took him from the cracked courts of Dunblane, all the way to his New York triumph.

I haven't had a chance to see an advance copy of it yet, but here are the chapters I really hope to see:

• I love my mum. So what?

• That time Rafael Nadal told me "All the cool kids are playing in the Spain, no?"

• That time I made a joke about English soccer and no one forgave me for it ever.

• That time my brother Jamie became a Slam champion before me.

• Even though he said something about my mum, Juan Martin del Potro and I are totally cool now.

• The first time I met Ivan Lendl and he yelled at me.

• The last time I met Ivan Lendl and he yelled at me.

• My problem with shorts.

• That time Roger Federer ripped out my heart and buried it under Centre Court.

• That time Sir Sean Connery fist-pumped at my match and it was awesome.

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