By Courtney Nguyen
October 26, 2012

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• Video: You have to forgive Victoria Azarenka. No one tracks down that perfect angle drop shot. No one except Serena Williams.

• L'equipe reports that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has hired Roger Rasheed as his new coach. (Google translated version of the report here.) Rasheed, who formerly coached Lleyton Hewitt and Gael Monfils, sure does love his dynamic Frenchmen. I like the pairing. Tsonga has been coachless for over a year since splitting with Eric Winogradsky.

• Great interview here from Steve Tignor with Lindsay Davenport who, in my opinion, has transformed herself into one of the best commentators in tennis.

Thinking back on the crop of recently retired Hall of Famers, I wouldn't have predicted that Davenport would end up being a standout commentator. The chattier Andre Agassi and Martina Hingis seemed like they would revel in the extended, post-career spotlight that comes with a gig in the booth. Davenport, on the other hand, once said that she hated the idea of being the center of attention at her own wedding. But Lindsay says that even when she was a player she believed that she could do the job well, and maybe subvert a tennis stereotype in the process.

“I always thought I could explain the sport,” Davenport says. “I was a power player, and most people don’t think of them as using tactics, but I always liked figuring out what my opponents were trying to do against me.”

• This is a great read on the distribution of wildcards at the pro-level. Unsurprisingly, tournament wildcards are heavily biased toward geography -- see the stats on the American tennis welfare state -- which leaves promising or hard-working players from smaller countries with little tennis tradition on the outs. Per the post, Novak Djokovic received one tournament wildcard before his 25th birthday. Donald Young has already received 27.

• Six-time singles Slam champion Margaret Osborne DuPont has passed away at the age of 94.

DuPont won the singles title at Wimbledon in 1947, the U.S. National Championship (now the U.S. Open) singles title from 1948 to 1950 and the French singles title in 1946 and 1948. She won 31 doubles and mixed doubles titles at three Grand Slams between 1941 and 1962. DuPont never played the Grand Slam tournament in Australia.

• Roger Federer hits a drop shot only Roger Federer could hit. Mirka is unimpressed.

• Martina Navratilova opens up about her "instant family" with long-time girlfriend Julia Lemigova and her two kids.

• Non-tennis: The finalists for the Worst Band T-Shirt design contest.

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