By Courtney Nguyen
November 06, 2012

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• Video: Going into the vault for this classic video from the 2010 ATP World Tour Finals, where you learn that Roger Federer can't live without a toothbrush, everyone wants to be Gladiator, and the name of Andy Murray's first kiss was "John."

• John McEnroe, Jim Courier and Patrick Rafter do the Big Four debate. Courier says even though there was a bit more parity this year, it's still the Big Four's tour.

“We haven’t seen any cracks in that façade, really,” Courier said. “It’s been again a year where the Big Four won all the Majors, and this year it’s been a true split. So I think it’s even more interesting from that standpoint. Who’s going to wrestle control the way Novak did in 2011? This year was more up for grabs, and Murray certainly has become a bigger part of the competition.”

• Pat Cash says Britain needs to target the working class to find its next tennis star. Hard to disagree.

“You know it’s great that Heather Watson and Laura Robson are inspiring kids especially girls to play,” he says. “But they’ve got to have somewhere to play. I took my twins down recently to a public court near where I live in Fulham. "The surface was all potholed, the nets were ragged, and there was this bloke there who said to me: 'That’ll be 10 quid’. I mean, how many kids from round here could afford 10 quid for an hour’s tennis? Who’d want to play on a facility like that?”

• Shhhhh! Rafa sleeping.

• ICYMI: Tomas Berdych got snubbed by a ball girl during his match against Andy Murray. That's what happens when you play the hometown guy.

• The Czech team's celebration after winning Fed Cup in animated GIFs.

• After a week in Africa with her sister, Serena is now in Israel for vacation.

• Non-tennis: Happy Election Day! Here's a brief history of presidents and how they chose to stock their bars.

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