By Courtney Nguyen
November 16, 2012

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• Video: Novak Djokovic stuffed his shirt and impersonated Serena Williams at an exhibition in Bratislava. Not that he needed the props. That powerful one-two punch was Serena personified.

• Sandra Harwitt breaks down the ATP loophole that will allow Roger Federer to skip any Masters 1000 tournament he wants beginning next season.

Our good friend Greg Sharko at the ATP World Tour Communications department does point out that if Federer chooses to skip a Masters 1000-level event he will receive a 0-pointer for not playing the tournament, but he will not be issued any penalty.

Truth be told, this little gem of an exception will unlikely make much difference to Federer, who has ignored the rule that calls for top players to support all nine of the Masters 1000 level tournaments when it suited him, and just shrugged off the financial penalties and 0-pointers.

• Matt Cronin reports that the Indian Wells group offered to buy the ATP's LA tournament but its offer was rebuffed and the tournament has now left for Bogota. The Indian Wells group wanted to move the LA tournament to Carlsbad to create a joint tournament with the WTA.

A year ago they gave us two stories, they said they’d sell 49 percent to us and we said Larry Ellison is not going to be a minority partner, and then they told us that they had someone else who was interested and would conform to the 51 to 49 percent, and they never even came back to us. They never said, ‘Guys we have a buyer from Bogota do you want to preempt it?’

Bob Hewitt has been suspended from the International Tennis Hall of Fame after an internal investigation into allegations that he sexually abused young girls. Honestly, it was about time.

• Laura Robson said her favorite memory of 2012 was hearing her name chanted on Centre Court during her Olympic loss to Maria Sharapova. Robson is headed with her team to Chris Evert's academy on Boca Raton to train.

• Andy Roddick is planning a celebrity golf tournament in Austin to benefit the Andy Roddick Foundation.

• David Ferrer has renewed with Lotto.

• Non-tennis: A Haters Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

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